Biotic Game Papers
Riedel-Kruse*, I.H., Chung, A.M., Dura, B., Hamilton, A.L.,and B.C. Lee
Design, engineering and utility of biotic games
Lab Chip (2011). 11, 14-22

This paper introduced the concept of "biotic games": We propose that
modern bioengineering technologies - such as micro-fluidics or synthetic
biology - could be used as a new gaming platform - similar to electronics
enabling video games. We designed a few biotic games at different length
and time scales. We also discuss future applications, especially for education
and large scale science research, as biotic games would enable non-
scientists to engage and interact with modern biotechnology.
Bida, J.P. and Das, R. (2012)
Squaring theory with practice in RNA design
Current Opinion in Structural Biology, 22: 457-466. Paper

This paper proposes a new design cycle for RNA nanoengineering, which
is now a reality in Read about how massively
parallel nucleic acid synthesis, deep sequencing, and an internet-scale
game could help reveal principles for RNA design.