The key feature of the games we develop is two-way interaction of human players with real biological systems. Simulation is not enough!


Make real molecules. Advance science. In Eterna,
you solve RNA nanoengineering puzzles. Your
solutions are then synthesized and tested in the
world's first cloud biochemistry platform

Biotic Games with Single-Cell Microorganisms
PAC-mecium. Ciliaball. Microbash. In these games,
your gamepad guides single-cell paramecia to
score points through gentle electrical fields.

A Medium for Bio-Device Design Education

We are introducing biotic games into real courses
at Stanford. Bioengineering 123.

Want to learn mechatronics, optics, microfluidics, computer-aided design, image processing,
event-driven programming, microbiology, and art
in a cross-disciplinary setting? Build a biotic game
device in Stanford BIOE 123. Or start your own
course anywhere.

Teaching Biomolecule Folding
and Design

Design a shape-shifting RNA sensor to test your understanding of biomolecule allostery, folding,
and energetics. A module in Stanford's Ph.D. level
course in Biological Macromolecules (Structural-
biology/Biochemistry 241).